Ear Wires Anyone??

24 04 2010

I am a hard core tool junkie… it’s hard for me to imagine any jewelry making tool that I wouldn’t want to own! Hammers, and pliers, and drill bits, oh my! But a few years ago, I started seeing some new jigs in magazines that were specifically made for creating ear wires, and couldn’t help thinking…. WHY???

Creating ear wires is easy, needs no special tools, and is a skill that anyone making jewelry should be able to do. I have a one page handout that I made for my students, but you don’t need to take a class with me – I’m posting the “how-to” right here!

STEP 1: Cut a piece of 20g wire between 1.5- 2 inches. File both ends of the wire, and make a single loop on one side. You should always make pairs together, one step at a time, so they are consistent.

STEP 2: Using a pen as a mandrel (the “ridged” type pen works very nicely), bend the wire around the pen – keep the loop as shown, don’t let the loop turn to the side. Pull both sides of wire down around the pen barrel, then PUSH the loop under the barrel until ear wire shape is seen. Pushing the loop under the pen gives you a “swoop” in the wire.

STEP 3: For a nice professional touch, use pliers to create slight bend at the end of the wire. Hammer the curves, or tumble to harden.

Have fun, and experiment! You can make larger ear wires by cutting longer wire, and using a pen with a larger barrel than shown. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll bee creating all different wonderful styles to go with your designs.




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17 08 2010

I also use that kind of pen when i create earwires! great tutorials!

11 04 2011
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15 08 2011
Georgette Woo

You rock! I’m so tired of seeing tutorials that require expensive tools to make simple pieces. Nice tute! Thank you!

15 08 2011

Glad it’s helpful! You can also make cool ear wire loops by making the wires a bit longer, and wrapping them around a fat marker instead of the pen. Just be sure to bend the end of the wire back so they fit in your ears….

4 04 2012

Hi, thank you for these great tutorials!…I just wanted to let you know that I pinned this page to my Pinterest page, they are wonderful!


4 04 2012

Thanks Trina – glad you like!!

13 01 2014

These tutorials are great. I learned lots……thank you

23 02 2014
Kathleen Foley

Love love love this. SO clear! Excellent!!! Thank you

5 04 2015
dawn frey

Loved looking through your site! You make it look simple.

14 08 2015
Jan Smith

this is the best and most useful tutorial I’ve come across. Loved it

22 10 2015

You are a great teacher!

16 11 2015

Thanks so much… it’s been a few years since I’ve taught, but I always appreciate reading that I’ve bhelpful!

22 11 2015

Great tutorial. Very comprehensive !!

22 11 2015


5 02 2016

Reblogged this on always time to procraftinate and commented:
I need to keep this in mind, I could probably get more hooks out of a roll or wire than premade hooks for the same price.

1 10 2016

You’re my IDOL!!!! Thank you for all the cool tricks & tips!!!

2 10 2016

Thanks! I’ve been busy with other things for the past few years (I started a brick & mortar store, which is NOT jewelry focused), but I always like to see that people still enjoy reading my StudioDax blog!

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