Looking Good

1 07 2010

First impressions count. No matter what you sell, the way you package it up is an extension of how your customers see you. Many folks who sell handmade items tend to a little overboard, but that’s not needed –  the wrapping doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should compliment your items and reflect your style.

"Old" Earring Cards

When I first started selling jewelry a few years ago, I liked how my pieces looked on parchment – a classic look, that showed sophistication (I used to put them in coordinated beige organza bags). When I look at the parchment now, it seems very dated, and doesn’t reflect the uniqueness of my jewelry.

Current Packaging

What a difference a little change makes! My jewelry now looks so much more current using vivid colors, and it really pops! At shows it is very visible – people are attracted to the brightness, and come over to take a look. I still use the same style cards and tags, and I still print them myself  (NOTE: my business changed to “StudioDax”), but making this simple change in color totally transforms how they are seen by customers.

Don’t be afraid to change it up every once in a while! Even if you have a strong brand, you can add a small change or a new accent to shake things up and keep your look current.



4 responses

2 07 2010

Love the updated look!

2 07 2010

Thanks much – I think the bright colors work better too!

14 11 2012

what type of colored paper are u you using for the earrings?
do you buy them made up or do yourself?
I love them/

19 11 2012

Hi Anna, thank you… I make them up myself! I use heavy scrapbook paper, and print up the cards, then cut/fold them. Since the paper is 12 x 12, I cut it down to fit in my printer. Then I use shape punches with the “scraps” to make up hangtags. It took a while to get the setup created, but now it’s very easy to make them.

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