The Mannequin’s Earrings!

22 08 2010

As I mentioned last week, I’ve just started working with a jewelry mannequin to take  my photos. As thrilled as I am with how it all comes together, I gotta ask one simple question:

Do the people who design these things ever talk to the people who use them??

Not Quite Right...!

Take a look at this – I’m just trying to put an earring in. Nothing fancy… just a regular earwire. The mannequin has a hole in the ear, and the description specifically mentions that it’s for earrings, so I know I’m not doing anything wrong.

She's a Hard Headed Woman!!

Now this just doesn’t make sense – you have a hole for the earring, and yet… you can’t actually put most earring on! Probably a post earring would work, but give me a break! It would have been soooooo easy for the designer to make a slight adjustment to accommodate a majority of the earrings. The ear could have been made a bit thinner, or the area behind the ear could have been sculpted deeper, so that the wires wouldn’t hit. To me, if they would have tested this with peopl who actually use it, they would know that it needs to be changed a little.

The Fix...

So in order to use it, the earwires need to be bent and reshaped every time , and that’s unacceptable! So l have come up with a solution… not the greatest, but it’s the best fix I can think of – I now have a slightly shorter, and different curved earwire “permanently” stuck in the ear. Instead of manipulating the earwires on my earrings, I gently remove the hanging part, and put it on the mannequin’s earwire for the photo, then put it back on the real earwire when I’m done. This works for most of my earrings… but my designs with long soldered earwires will never get photographed on the mannequin!

I love how this looks, but the designer should have put the head in beta test!!



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23 08 2010

That’s too bad. It looks like a great idea. But I agree, if you can’t get the wires in properly without damaging/reshaping all the time, not sure it’s worth it. Looks like you came up with a great solution at least for your smaller whiles. Agree they should test it or ask others to test it before releasing it to make sure it’s useable.

15 08 2011
Georgette Woo

bahahahaha. I have the same problem! Same mannequin. I joke that I want to knock her little head off — oh, but someone already did. I think I will try your tip. Thank you!

15 08 2011

Glad to be of help!! And knocking off her head (while it may be satisfying!), will do nothing for the photos!

13 11 2011

Hello, I’m having a tough time finding an earring mannequin. Mind sharing where you got yours? thanks !

14 11 2011

Hi Brigitte, Ibelieve I got my mannequin thru Rio Grande jewelry supply (easy to find online). They have a ew other options – hopefully one will work for you!

29 10 2012
Angela Martin

I have two different mannequins that are similar to the one pictured. I solved the too-small ear hole problem by drilling the hole a little bigger and at a slightly different angle using my drill and a slightly bigger drill bit than the hole size. Now it’s perfect for every type of ear wire I try! NOTE: My drill is a mini, battery powered drill which I bought for my little, girly hands. Not too much power – but go easy… just in case!

13 11 2014

An alternate idea would be to grab a chisel and remove just a bit of the plastic behind the earlobe so that you can make the curve when putting the earing in. If you use a Dremel you could control it really well. And as an engineer, it is really helpful in designing the tools people need when we get feedback from them. We do originally approach the end users and ask what they need but a lot of time we lack the specifics we need to make the best possible design. Let the company who makes the model know that you are having this issue and show them these photos (maybe even give them dimensions) so that in the next generation model it will be fixed. It won’t help you right now but it will make it easier if you need to get another model in the future. No design is ever perfect but we really do try to make it as close as we can get.

7 05 2015
Chanda Serhus

I have the same problem with my earring mannequin. Really only post earrings work. I have damaged a few pieces just trying to make the earring fit so I can get a photo. I tried to drill the whole larger and more at an angle with my little Dremel, but that didn’t make it much better. Still hoping to find a better solution! I have been searching for a soft ear mannequin. If anyone knows of a fix please chime in!!

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