New Projects!

22 09 2010

I currently have 45+ different class projects that I have developed, but I never seem to have anything new! Since I teach at both jewelry shops and thru adult education programs, I need a good selection of classes for the real beginner, as well as for my more advanced students looking to broaden their skills. A few weeks ago I posted some of my new projects for the fall – here are a couple of beginner classes that I’m in process of creating for this winter session, to be scheduled thru Palo Alto Adult Education:

Bold Heart Pendent

I just looooove that this came out exactly as I designed!  This example is made with antiqued copper and faceted garnets – I think it has a real “True Blood / Twilight” kinda feel…. a little goth, a little edge. I  just finished another one in silver with mirrored finish crystals. It’s really shiny, so I think I’ll oxidize it to lower the bling factor…

"Celestra" Earrings

This design was a great accident – nothing like what I originally started out with, but the end result came out great! These earrings are pearl and silver, but I’ve adapted the “Celestra” design to create a larger  wired gemstone component for a pendant.

I really enjoy creating class projects for beginners that go beyond the basic “how to wrap a loop.”  It is vital that  you learn the basic techniques, and learn them well, if you want to continue creating jewelry. But I think that if you can walk into a class knowing nothing about wirework, and walk out with a very cool project, you will be more inclined to take a few more classes – and that’s my goal!



5 responses

21 04 2013

I’m not sure if my first post went through… is there any way you’d consider teaching us this technique for your beautiful Celestra earrings please?

26 04 2013

Thanks so much for your compliment on the earring design… I actually created it by accident while trying to figure out something else!! I use to teach classes locally, but my focus has been on my custom tee shirt store, so I haven’t taught in a while (but I miss it!). I may have my class handout from this – I never actually taught the class, but I remember creating a handout for it. Let me check what I have done… some of my class handouts were just bullet points, which need a demo to make sense, and some of them were closer to being tutorials…
Thanks again for the compliments! And I looooove all your Pinterest boards! – Randi/StudioDax

18 07 2013
Faye Moffatt

I agree! Would love to learn how to make the earrings! 🙂

14 11 2014

i love your celestra earrings! They’re beautiful. I would love instructions or a demo on how to make them. Thank You so much😊

10 07 2016

These are amazing. I’d really love to learn how to make these, too. What a skill to have.

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