Support Your Local Shop!

30 10 2010

As a jewelry designer and teacher, I buy alot of my supplies wholesale – thru gem shows, thru online sources, thru major distributors, and thru a multitude of small sellers I’ve established ongoing relationships with over the years. I buy large quantities, and multiples of the same items, enabling me to get good prices so I can create and sell my jewelry competitively, and so that I can make available tools and quality materials to my students.

But… I also buy at my local bead shop and lapidary. My local shops are my bloodline – they allow me to buy small quantities when I don’t need alot, they let me see and touch the beads, and I can check out the colors and match things, knowing that what I see is what I get. They provide instant gratification!

They provide a place where I can teach, and where I can learn. And the people that own and work in these shops have invaluable knowledge and they share my passion.

Goodbye, Julie, Goodbye Beaded Bliss!

Sadly, one of my favorite shops closed today… Beaded Bliss in Danville. Julie created a shop that was warm, and friendly, and knowledgeable, and I loved teaching my classes there. My students have been enthusiastic and talented, and I am so very sorry that this wonderful shop has closed.

So my plea today …. please remember your local shop. No matter what you craft is, the community of like-minded people is so very important in building creativity and sharing ideas.¬† So please, stop by a local shop near you, and get to know them!



2 responses

31 10 2010

Super important to support your local shops! I couldn’t agree more!
I wish Julie the best future!

7 11 2010

I hate seeing all these local shops closing. We lost our Stained Glass shop several years ago. There is no bead shop here either. So I have to travel 60 miles or more or rely on online shops. But I so love local shops to just browse and get inspiration and talk. So sad.

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