In My Previous Life

11 11 2010

In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Today, I am a jewelry designer – I create and sell my jewelry, I teach classes in a variety of jewelry techniques, and I’m even the inventor of a specialty jewelry tool. But like most folks, I’ve changed directions a bit in my life. I’ve mentioned before in my blog that I came from a corporate background – I was a marketing manager, a program manager, a product launch manager, even an engineering and communications technician. But what I haven’t shared online yet is the path I was on BEFORE I joined the corporate world…

Introducing..... Airman Randi!

Yes – that’s me! I found a few photos from my days in the military, and scanned this in, to honor Veteran’s Day. Despite the “oh where did she get that perm” hair, and those HUGE glasses (really, at the time, they were very fashionable!), I swear, it’s me… a very young me! I’m not in costume for Halloween, but in full combat ready gear – flak jacket and helmet, ready for “war games” activities while stationed overseas. I may not look it now, but I was a proud member of the Air Force, and so much of what I am today, I attribute to what I learned back then.

On Veteran’s Day, I always think back to that time, and I remember the people I knew, and the places I traveled, and the values I learned.

To those that have served, and those that still serve, I am honored to be counted among you. And to those that have sacrificed, and those who have lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you, with humble thanks.




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