For All You Mothers…

9 05 2010

Well, I don’t have any kids, and I don’t crochet, but I still love the Inner Hooker (isn’t that just a great name!?!), a shop by a fellow Etsian. And no, she isn’t selling the babies – she’s selling the patterns for the crochet items…!

Just Hangin' Around..

A Well Coordinated Cutie!

Since mothers and babies sorta go together, I figured I would post these photos in honor of Mothers Day. I loved checking out the Inner Hooker, and so will you. Maybe I’ll try one for a friend… how hard could it be to crochet a little bitty cap? Her patterns are sure to make your kid the envy of all the other kids. Well, I guess the other kids won’t know, but – their parents will be really jealous!!

So for all you Mothers out there – Happy Mothers Day!