Happy New Year

31 12 2010

Welcome 2011!

My New Years wish for you is that you step confidently along the path of your life, in good health, strong spirit, and clear mind.

Happy New Year, and Best wishes to you and your family!

First Show of the Season

13 11 2010

Please excuse this blog interruption for a brief advertising announcement!

I love meeting people and talking about my work and my teaching – the best place to do that is at shows, because part of the reason people come to shows is to meet the artist/artisan. On the other hand…. I absolutely HATE setting up and tearing down the booth, so I only do a few shows every year. Tomorrow, I’m doing a new show that is only a few miles from my house – I hope to introduce my classes to some potential new students, and make a few sales too!

Holiday Boutique - Sunday 11/14/10

If you’re local, I’d love for you to stop by and say hi!! Since I have now pulled all my consignment from shops, I’ll have quite a full stock of items out!

Red White and Blue

4 07 2010

July 4th is a great holiday for us in America. As a country made up of different cultures, religions, and political views, this is one day that all of us can celebrate, regardless of our personal views. And what better way to celebrate than the uniquely American way ….. by shopping!! Here are some fun things I found while browsing on Etsy… just click on the shop name to be brought directly to the item – enjoy!!

A Patriotic Bowl from Owl Creek

Isn’t this beautiful – what a wonderful bowl from OwlCreekCeramics – check out the other great ceramic items in this shop.

Flag Was Still There - print

A great print from AEMCDraw… read about why the flag is shown backward – a very patriotic story about our troops courage.

A "Beach, Baby, or Anywhere" Tote

And even though July 4th is an American holiday, we can still celebrate the talents of artisans worldwide! This great tote from IkaBag (France) still shows our true colors (and hey… their flag is red, white, and blue too!).

Coral Necklace, from my StudioDax Shop

I love the bright red in these coral beads (harvested), paired with Thai Hill Tribe silver beads… it’s a fun and casual necklace for all year, but especially nice for the summer. You can find this in my StudioDax shop .

Wearing Your Patriotism!

What fun! This scrabble tile pendant from BackBoneStudio2 is an example of the shops originality – check out the shops varied selection to find something that speaks to you!

Decorative, and Useful too!

I’ve always admired people who can create such beautiful works of useful art! Celebrate July 4th all year with this keepsake box from SisterButterfly.

For the Youngest Among Us!

I just found out my niece is going to have a baby in early 2011… I think I’ll be checking out baby items on Etsy alot more now! And who doesn’t love this adorable cap from OurLadyoftheSnows – even when sleeping, they can still be part of the July 4th festivities

Happy July 4th everyone… !