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18 10 2010

thank you for promptly mailing my bead crochet kit-but i cannot find the tutorial on your site-nice pictures-but no concrete info= please advise where??????
aloha, maya

19 10 2010

Hi Maya, I’m so sorry for the mix-up…. the tutorial is not on my site, it is a PDF file I send out directly thru email, and I sent it out to you on 10/13 when I got the order. Please check your emails (I sent it to the email provided by Paypal), and let me know that you got it ok – if not, I will resend to a different email if you need. Again – sorry for the mix-up!!

18 02 2011
Julia Monroe

Can you tell me where you get the pretty end caps you use on your viking knit bracelets ? Thank you so much… Julie

18 02 2011

Hi Julie, I get these wholesale in bulk for my classes, but I’m happy to work with you if you’d like some. Please contact me via email for more information and details! Thanks!

18 02 2011
Julia Monroe

Such beautiful words….bulk…..wholesale! I have a tax id number, can you hook me up with the company? Or, sell me about 50 ?

I am so glad i bumped into your website!


18 02 2011

Hi Julie,
Glad to be of help… I sent a reply to you via email, if you need that kind of quantity, it’s easiest to deal with them direct – no need for m to play middleman!

5 09 2012

Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial.. i am a long time crafter who wants to branch out to metals.. TYVM !!

15 10 2012

Woman, This is just what I am looking for! Somehow I linked to your blog by way of Pintrest. I have just started making Jewlery and have gotten to the point I need help with the finishing touches to really make my “dear love ones” pop and here they are , but sadly it is 1am and I have to go to bed!!!! I will be looking forward to reading ALLLLL your blog in the weeks to come. THANK YOU SO MUCH. BIG HUGS from Colorado for the wisdom you have given.

17 10 2012

Thanks so much – I feel so guilty for not posting in so long (over a year!), but my new store has just taken up all my time. I am thrilled that my blog has found a new life thru Pinetrest!!

6 11 2016

In case you get this after all these years… I’m in Annapolis and plan to reference several of your projects for use in the Jewelry Club we have at the Senior Center there. Looks like your “frog” FB page is going well. Sorry you stopped posted, just found your blog via Pinterest. You have so many great ideas and information posted! Thanks!

BTW, I had to smile when I saw what a fan you are of DAX! John M. (Dax in the movie so long ago) is doing well, lives in my community and goes to my church!

19 10 2012

Is your new store on line? If so can you post a link?
BTW congrats on the new store!
Good things out, good things return!

26 02 2013
Gail wheat

How do I order a beading jig?

26 02 2013

Hi Gail,
Thanks for the interest! I sell my bead crochet starter jig thru my Etsy site:
There are 2 options – the jig w/CD tutorial, and the kit version, which also includes the correct size crochet hook and needles.

Randi / StudioDax

22 01 2015

Jan 22, 2015 – Thank you so very much. Your detailed teachings are so easy to understand and follow. I thank you also for taking the time. I too work with copper, wire and flat wire. I just love making things and watching them become a piece. Thank you again DianneB

1 05 2015

Hi im from Montréal Québec ans id love to bye a mandrel could you help me?

2 05 2015

I’m so sorry, but I no longer sell any of the mandrels, but many sellers on Etsy sell them.

4 07 2015
Gabriela Marquez

Hi! I been search for some tutorials for Bead Crochet, I saw in this page the use of the Jig. So, I want to ask you how can i get it? Hope you can contact me and tell me about it

5 07 2015

Hi Gabriela… I sell the jig on my Etsy store – hope this helps! You can find it here:

7 11 2015
lynn martin

hi, I bought your kit off of etsy about a year or 2 ago and I cant find the cd that came with it. soon after I bought it I crushed my hand and was unable to learn. now I can somewhat use my hand and cant find the cd.i think I paid about 35 for the whole kit what can I do the kit is useless without the instructions. my email is below. my name is below xxxxxxx, Hamlin Maine 04785. please help

7 11 2015

Hi Lynne,
I’m so sorry that you have misplaced the CD. I have looked thru my records on my Etsy store to find you, but I am unable to find any orders with your name, this email, the town Hamlin, or your Zip (04785).. I know that people can change their names and emails, and they also move – can you please let me know what name, email, or address you used when you placed the order?? Please email me direct with the info, at .
Thanks, StudioDax

16 11 2015
Linda Mills

Have lost instructions for the bead crochet jig, how can I replace them

16 11 2015

Hi Linda,
Not a problem – I found your order from 2011, and I am happy to send the instruction PDFs to your email. Please email me directly if you have any other issues… enjoy!

20 12 2015
Tara Brown

Hi- first of all, thanks for tutorials. I feel strongly in the sharing of artistic knowledge, and some wrappers don’t seem to understand that no one is trying to “steal” their jewelry, and are tight lipped with well explained tutorials/videos. Plenty have taken painting classes, but had Van Gogh taught one, he wouldn’t have created more Van Gough’s (I’m trying to decide if I am embarrassingly spelling that wrong). I am having some uncertainty on buying wire. I am still working in copper, for price, and because silver finishes tend to wear while weaving. I enjoy all shades of copper wire, but I won’t use anything covered in plasticish material or a thin thin finish. I’m not crazy about the bright golden looking copper that always seems available in larger quantities in stores. I’d rather it look like a Med to old penny. I enjoy browns, greens– things that well, go with copper and red hair. I use 18-28 g half hard round. I’ve never welded or hammered. People using silver and silver plate all seem to go to Rio Grande, but they have far less copper than other metals and I don’t know if it is the right “kind”. I wish the colors I liked to use were also sold in bulk and I wish it all was the same color all the way through. I’m going to send a pic of my favorite earrings I’ve made, which is green is metallic but not too shiny “permanently colored Artistic Wire” from Hobby Lobby and the brown is a coated copper; shiny in gold in center, this pretty dark metallic brown outside. Where and what kind of copper wire can I buy in bulk? As far as colors; I want it all metal half hard just tell me what is either solid and colored or the best brands for long lasting color even when weaving. I need help!

4 01 2016

Hi Tara,
I’m glad you enjoy the tutorials… I don’t really post anything here anymore, but I am so happy that the blog is continuing to be helpful to folks! Unfortunately, I do not do any weaving – I am a sterling and copper kinda maker!! If you like the look of solid copper (not coated), you can buy it by the spool at hardware stores (or online thru hardware sites) for a very good price. I’ve been doing that or years – much better quality and price than buying copper wire that is made specifically for jewelry – but it is uncoated, and will oxidize/age (which I like). I am not amiliar enough with any of the coated wires, so I can’t help with that – so sorry!

Randi / StudioDax

3 01 2016
Sandra Costentine

Would like to order your crochet jig but it will only let me choose pay pal. I would rather not use that method, just my credit card. Thank you, Sandy

4 01 2016

Hi Sandra,
Thanks so much for your interest in the StudioDax Bead Crochet Rope Starter Jig. Paypal is just the merchant I use for processing; anyone taking credit cards uses a merchant processor, although most of them are transparent to the customer (Paypal is more visible, since they allow additional options for buyers who want to use a Paypal balance). Even though your order is processed through Paypal, you can still use your credit card the same as you do anywhere else – there is no need to sign up for Paypal, and there is no fee associated with it for you. I do not use any other merchant processor on Etsy, but you can pay by echeck (in this case, I will ship the jig after the echeck clears thru Etsy, so it takes an extra week or so). If you have other concerns about Paypal, I can provide additional info, but it does not affect your purchase at all. Thanks,

Randi / StudioDax

16 01 2016
Beverly Larkin

Love your site! Do you have a newsletter?

1 01 2017
Camille Rendal

Hello, I bought your jig, but can no longer locate the instructions to use it. It has been awhile since I used it and have forgotten. Could you email it to me again?

3 01 2017

Hi Camille,
I am unable to find your name/email in my records… can you please let me know if you had a different name/email back when you bought the jig? Thanks!
Randi / StudioDax

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