What’s in a Name?

9 06 2010

Naming a company, or a business, is very personal, and NOT easy! You try to come up with a name that is memorable, reflective of what you do, and isn’t going to confine you, in case your business changes a bit. The name also has to be available so you can own the websites associated with the name, otherwise your customers will never find you!

So how did I come up with the name “StudioDax” for my business??

Well… the “Studio” part is easy to explain – it’s where I create, and where I love to be. The “Dax” part is a little more personal.

Jadzia Dax... Ezri Dax...

It has taken me many years to admit this, but I am a geek. Not a huge one – I’ve never been to BayCon (if you were a sci-fi geek, you’d know what BayCon is!), and my geekiness is fairly limited in scope, but I am … a geek.

And Dax is one of the characters I always enjoyed and admired most on the Star Trek Deep Space Nice show. Dax was character that was a joined species, with a host humanoid Trill, and a long-lived symbiont. And each time the host dies, it would join with a new Trill, retaining the memories and skill of the previous lives. All in all, a very strong, interesting character!

... and StudioDax!

So that’s how I became “StudioDax” – it’s easy to remember and easy to spell, it reflects a bit of my personality without being “too geeky,” it’s broad enough to continue using as my products changes, and the website was available… all the key elements of a good business name!

And I really like how it sounds too!